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Coffee lovers have hit the jack pot at - where we locally select and roast the finest Arabica beans in order to package our JumpinGoat Coffee in Pennsylvania. It really is a place  where the best coffee can be found!  Fresh roasted to order, with 22 flavors there is something to please every coffee lover.  Browse our web store and buy your coffee online! We will ship it to your door, fresh roasted for the best coffee experience!  In addition to our JumpinGoat Coffee,  we also offer the finest among luxury teas and  gourmet cocoa!  We have something for everyone! Of course, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by for a tour of the facility and to take home all of your favorite products.



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JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters is proud to bring you the world’s finest coffees! 


Have you ever seen a Goat jump?  As the legend has it, an Ethiopian goatherder, Kaldi, discovered the coffee "cherry".  Kaldi observed his goats were sometimes more energetic than others.  In fact, he noticed his goats were so energetic at times, they were JUMPING!  Curious about his observations, Kaldi began to notice the goats jumping after they nibbled on bright red cherries growing on a bush! Kaldi decided to partake of the fruit himself (after all it did give the goats more energy).  

Kaldi was filled with so much energy and excitement he decided to take the gifts to a holy man in a nearby monastery.  Unfortunately, the holy man disapproved of the berries and tossed them into the roaring fire! The smell billowing from the burning berries was tantalizing to the nose.  The "berries" were scooped from the burning embers, ground to a powder and dissolved in water!  Ahhh...the world's first cup of coffee was "born"; hence the name JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters!



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